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Nifty Hoops works with the NRCS EQIP program to finance, cash-flow, and build high tunnels for farmers across the country.

What is the NRCS EQIP High Tunnel Initiative?

EQIP helps to fund the purchase and installation of hoophouses and high tunnels for in-ground production.

Before applying, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the different conservation practices available. Multiple practices implemented on your farm will improve your application score, and further push the EQIP initiative, which increases your chance for funding.

How do I apply?

Before contacting your local NRCS representative you will want to have the proper documentation ready, including a FSA Farm Tract Number, tax ID and proof of land rights. The local representative will visit your farm, discuss a conservation plan, and guide you through the application process with additional forms.

Choosing a structure

Nifty hoophouses are built tough to withstand northern winters and are engineered to exceed NRCS standards. We have traveled across the United States helping farmers successfully achieve their ambitions through the NRCS program.

When approved for funding, you will receive a specific dollar amount per square foot toward the total cost of your structures. Our hoophouses cost less per square foot the longer we build them. For this reason, a larger hoophouse can actually cost less out of pocket than a shorter one, if EQIP funding is available.

Still have questions?

Nifty Hoops is available to clarify any NRCS information, and help you decide on the right structure for your farm. We would love to talk through your project with you.

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