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"An inspiration!"

From the moment these gentlemen arrived, they were an inspiration! It is so refreshing to see a group of people so passionate about what they do, so knowledgeable about their product and the market, so efficient and hard-working. As I told them, their support and diligence probably saved two years of my husband's life as a farmer!!!! We cannot recommend this business enough.

- Molly Barnes Stepanski
  Presque Isle Farm

"Worth every penny"

As we head into our 2nd winter with two 30x144 Nifty Hoops, I can confidently state that this product is the best product on the market. My wife and I run Bear Creek Organic Farm in Petoskey, and grow greens 52 weeks a year. Aside from the excellent service, quality workmanship, lightning-fast construction, and savvy grower friendly features, this product stands for itself. Literally.

With the horrific weather of the last couple weeks, were were out of town and watching destruction on Facebook. We know 8 local growers who use hoophouses near us, of those 8, 7 farms sustained damage, had poly torn to shreds, or lost their hoophouses entirely, a complete loss. When we returned home, we were relieved to see our hoophouses unfazed, undamaged, and in strong health. Crops are growing wonderfully and customers are happy.

When you watch every single neighboring farmer sustain serious damage to their hoophouses, you know you’ve got a superior product. This review is a direct result of our confirmation that this product and it’s skilled builders is superior to the rest, and worth every penny. Well done!!

- Brian Bates
  Bear Creek Organic Farm

"Superior quality"

THANK YOU Nifty Hoops for an amazing experience! From the beginning, you were there for us! You answered our many questions and helped guide us through the NRCS process! You were accommodating to our schedule and the communication back and forth was top notch!

Our Community Build was so fun and went incredibly smooth! Tyler and Blake were awesome! Tyler lead us through the build with Blake working his magic in the background and the Hoop House went up so quickly! Our family and friends were amazed at how easy it was to build the structure with the help of the crew! The Hoop House itself is superior quality and we feel confident that it can handle our northern Indiana winters!

Nifty Hoops is a great example of hard work, phenomenal customer service, and quality and care for others!